TAXES – Personal and Small Business Corporation

Managing your taxes and creating effective ways to keep them in check is not an easy task, especially for someone who knows little about how it works. At Real Family Financial, our tax experts boast unmatched experience and knowledge needed to help create effective management strategies for your taxes.

With years of experience handling thousands of tax returns for organizations, trusts, individuals, partnerships, and non-profit organizations, we guarantee the needed experience for effective planning, problem-solving and strategic tax approach for both individuals and businesses.

We keep up with the latest tax changes and help you reduce your tax burden while assisting in coming up with effective strategies to minimize your tax expenses.

Our Personal and Small Business Tax management service covers:

  • State and local tax
  • Business tax planning and preparation
  • Tax planning for business acquisitions and sales
  • Individual tax preparation and planning
  • Federal and state income tax reduction strategies
  • Estate and business succession planning
  • Research and development tax credit studies
  • Estate, trust, and gift tax return preparation
  • IRS and state audit representation

We have built our service delivery system around a team of expert that is dedicated to ensuring the best result possible. We also know the importance of professionalism in every aspect of our works and thus only provide a tax professional that has the best experience with your needs.

Our tax professionals understand the functionality of every business and will work closely with you while forming a family-like bond that is built on trust and transparent dealings.